Are you ready to “find a better planet?” Planet of Eden officially launches today! Available on Amazon and through booksellers everywhere, this novel will transport you to a world where the impossible is possible, perfection has been preserved, and the lost can be found.

Experience this story of adventure through the eyes of its characters. A secret alien mission. An accidental abduction. A forced trip to an unbelievable world. If Eden still existed, would you want to find it? This book suggests: be careful what you wish for.   

Planet of Eden turns contemporary science fiction on its head, introducing foundations and plot twists that have not been seen since the writings of the genre’s forefathers. A bold statement? Judge for yourself. But be prepared to be challenged, because the themes in this story will encourage you to think a little differently.

If you feel like alien abductions, spaceships, and distant planets aren’t your thing, that’s okay. You don’t have to be a fan of science fiction to enjoy Planet of Eden. There really is something in this story for everyone—discovery, adventure, trust, new friendships, reclaiming what was lost, and even newfound love.

Download the eBook or get a printed copy today!

Project Eden Update

Greetings, fellow Edenites, and Happy Birthday to Planet of Eden! I gave you the above plug for two reasons: first, to get you excited about the official launch of this book; second, to give you some descriptive text that you can share with others—to get them excited, too!

Now that Planet of Eden is available to the world, I need my fans and followers to help this indie author get the word out. Of course, that is assuming you have read the book (and like it). To help you on your reading journey, I have discounted the retail prices on Amazon. If you purchase it there, it’s only $6.99 for the eBook, $16.99 for the softcover, and $26.99 for the hardcover! These are launch prices, so get yours asap!

Wow. I’ve waited for so long for this day to come. There is no way to explain the range of emotions, even for a wordy wordsmith like me. To make it even more emotional, May 7 is also my wedding anniversary. Ann Marie and I would have been married for 30 years today. Wow, again. She was so much a part of Planet of Eden that I wanted to commemorate its launch on this day. She edited my windy prose, suggested clarity in the plot lines, set up and ran my website, helped with my art projects, and even wrote, performed, and recorded a song based on the book. Although the book’s dedication is to my father, it is just as much dedicated to my late wife, who I’m sure is celebrating out there among the Stars.

May 7 is a great day for someone else, too. A special little friend of mine turns three today! Happy Birthday, Sophia! Enjoy your slice of Paradise!

Sophia’s young life reminds me of some big lessons in my own life: that it’s never too late to start over, that age is irrelevant and all in the mind, and that new beginnings can be built upon difficult histories. Here’s to May 7 being the start of something new and adventurous for all of us.

Please know that I deeply appreciate every one of you. Your support on this long journey has made all the difference. Today marks an ending: I am now a published author! But it also marks a beginning—the start of the Eden series of books, a long writing career, and a future of new adventures and possibilities. I’m ready, Edenites. Stay with me…this is really just getting started!