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Welcome to PLANET OF EDEN, the exciting new novel from author Dan Whicker.

Travel to the planet that we call Earth has been banned since recorded time. For the peaceful Ah-Ahey people of the distant, Eden-like planet Hourou, it is intergalactic law. For their rebellious kin, the Dah-Ahey, however, such rules were made to be broken.

When some Dah-Ahey rebels steal a spacecraft and crash it on the forbidden planet of Earth, a family of Ah-Ahey explorers must also violate the travel ban to capture the rogue interlopers and recover the wrecked ship before the inhabitants discover them. When the mission goes awry and six Earth people are accidentally and very publicly captured along with the Dah-Ahey thieves, two planets inhabited by contradictory people are suddenly thrown into chaos as each contends with the existence of its opposite.

Twenty-two-year-old loner Jay Harrison, young married couple April and Paul Theele, university professor Ellis Minister, medical student Yori Shimizu, and government official Perry Carlson must learn to trust each other and their alien hosts when they are reluctantly taken to the Utopian planet of Hourou. There, amidst an archetypal paradise, they experience living among a near perfect race of humans who seem to have remained isolated from all evils…or have they?

On Earth, Laura Turgis is tasked with investigating the world’s first bona fide alien abduction while society unravels around her. Learning the truth about extraterrestrial life gives rise to fear and distrust across the planet. Amidst increasing global volatility, how will humanity react to Laura’s discovery that the aliens are coming back again…to retrieve one of their own who was left behind?

PLANET OF EDEN will awaken the part of you that is seeking what was once lost and encourage you to find it again. It is a novel to experience through the eyes of its characters as they lead you through an adventure of self-discovery on an idyllic world. We all crave Eden. It was hardwired into us. If you knew where it was, would you go? This is your invitation to join me in the search.

Author Dan Whicker

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