For over two thousand years, humanity has been celebrating an invasion from outside of our world: we call it Christmas.

That’s an interesting thought, right? Today, we debate about the existence of extraterrestrial, intelligent life—that is, intelligent life on other planets. Some people are convinced that it must be out there somewhere. Others are doubtful, and still others completely reject the notion.

Beyond the historic debates, now we’ve become worried about how this could affect our national security. If aliens exist, could they one day decide to invade our planet? What if they come here and side with our enemies? What would that do to our national sovereignty?

If you find it hard to believe that people are actually concerned about such things, check out this news story video. I like to follow the latest UFO news because it relates to my forthcoming novel Planet of Eden. Plus, it just fascinates my sci-fi-loving mind. In this news story, you can see just how far the “UFO craze” has come today. We have members of the US Congress demanding that the government release information concerning UFOs (or UAPs—unidentified aerial phenomena, which is the term government agencies now prefer). The government, in turn, points to national security as a reason to procrastinate or hold back. Does this sound like a science fiction movie?

Of course, I am excited about all of this because my forthcoming novel, Planet of Eden, deals with these issues in an interesting fictional way—a plot line that I developed nearly 20 years ago. To see some of my ideas playing out in real life is, as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock says, “fascinating.” I am anxious to get Planet of Eden published so you, too, can enjoy the irony (more on that below).

But let’s get back to the real Earth invasion. Christmas is almost here—a day in which we celebrate light invading darkness, freedom invading enslavement, love invading loss, a child invading hearts. Underneath all the traditions and trappings, the true meaning of Christmas centers on the birth of a baby who would grow up and save a wayward humanity through His sacrificial death. And through His resurrection from the dead, He would defeat our final enemy—death—set all things right again, and make it so that we can live forever in perfection, the way it was meant for us from the beginning. Now that’s a great invasion story!

Although it is “fascinating” to consider who else God may have placed out there in His vast universe, we should all be more concerned with who He sent to Earth already: Jesus Christ. Once we get that right, everything else will fall into place, including the answers to our most profound questions. Until we do, I believe we will be left with many mysteries. You don’t give a six-year-old an encyclopedia when he or she can barely yet read. Understanding requires maturity. If we can’t even master the basics of life, why should God disclose to us things we could never fathom?

The Son of God wants us to answer His question first: “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:13-20). Christmas is the perfect time to explore that. May you experience a beautiful invasion of your heart as you do.  

Brief Project Eden Update

Oh, friends, I am making excellent progress in this book publishing journey! My marketing plan is nearly complete, and I have already implemented several parts of it. Soon, you will see additions to my website, and I will finally be launching social media sites and pre-publishing campaigns. As a part of the Edenite family, you will be the first to know about all the special things to come. (To join my Circle, just subscribe to this blog.)

Next steps? I must make a final decision on which independent distribution firm to choose. There are several good ones out there, and each has its merits. In the end, I will pick the one that will give me the widest distribution. Yes, I’m going world-wide with this, Edenites! I have also developed an imprint (name for my publishing company) and now must do all the official things to birth the business.

So, it is a busy time for this author/independent publisher. I’m still aiming for an early summer 2024 book release. If things go smoothly, maybe it can be a bit earlier. After that, I have two more books to write in the trilogy, and the writer in me has been anxious to be let loose again.

It feels like a long journey, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Stick with me, Edenites; the best is yet to come!

Here’s wishing you all a very blessed Christmas and a healthy and productive holiday season. Be awesome, be you, and be an invader!