Editing Your Story

As a writer, there’s probably nothing more difficult than editing your story. If you’ve done good research and planning and you get into a creative flow, writing is the easy part. It’s what comes afterward—editing—that can often push your patience to its limits and leave you doubting pretty much everything about your book. Editing can make or break your story. It’s an exercise that separates the successful from the quitters. As you know from following my blog, I’m currently doing…

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Using the Right Words

Do you believe words are important? As a communicator and writer, I’ve always had respect for proper language, good vocabulary, and using the right words. When you get lazy with your words, you risk miscommunication, failing to deliver your message, and also appearing unintelligent. Just think back to the last argument you had with someone. Could it have been avoided if one or both of you would have chosen your words more carefully? Probably. Words really do matter. I like…

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New Directions

First of all, welcome to the new website! As you will read below, launching this new site coincides with new directions for me as an author. My web master, editor, best friend and wife, Ann Marie Whicker, deserves the credit for building this website and putting up with my fastidiousness. I created the graphics, but she had the hard part of designing everything else and editing code. I am ecstatic about the new look! I am also pleased to announce…

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Book Cover Mock-up 2

Aside from being a writer and photographer, I am also a graphic designer who loves to create his own marketing pieces. One of the goals of my January photo shoot with the lovely Leslie Craven and body painting artist and film maker Juan Pantoja was to get some shots that I could use for a Planet of Eden book cover. During the weeks since the shoot, I have been working with the chroma key (green screen) shots and placing Leslie…

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Photos of a Real Alien

Last weekend, I was able to get some photos of a real alien! It’s not what you think, though; these photos were for the pre-marketing of my book Planet of Eden. Working with Leslie Craven, a lovely model here in Central Florida, and body painting artist and film maker Juan Pantoja, the goal of this photo shoot was to test how I could bring one of the book’s lead characters, Eah, to life. In the book, the alien-human Eah and…

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Speculative Fiction, or Speculative Formula?

In my quest to publish Planet of Eden, I’ve read a lot of advice about how to “write stories that get published.” Evidently, agents and publishers of speculative fiction are looking for certain “kinds” of science fiction stories to publish. The business and marketing side of my brain understands, but my creative side asks if this is truly speculative fiction, or speculative formula. I enjoy going to bookstores just to browse. When I can, I like to go through all…

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